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Hey there, being a staff member of the Anime Print House, and running the warehouse and logistics, after a couple of months I am dragging into the anime world too. Though, of course, I have seen few anime series in my Childhood, but this is different.

But, I have always been an Otaku! (you know, people who are usually at home or office without social life?), I have spent a lot of times of my life behind computer, playing, watching movies, and as I got older, I am still behind computer working...

Anyway, today I was doing our regular work on order preparations that something flashed in my head. Not for the first time, but it was strong enough this time to make me do it. "You are preparing all these anime products, why not to get more connected and actually watch one?" 

Now what to watch? There are a huge number of anime series out there. Which one would be the one that drags me more into it and I would enjoy it in a way to see more series later?

I like heroic staff, fights, romance and emotions all in one, and I don't like strange characters, vampires and ... so, I was thinking then to leave Tokyo Ghoul or other series like that aside. Naruto is very popular, but previously I watched some short videos in English and did not enjoy the dub. I quite enjoy a modern atmosphere in movies, so Sword Art Online flashed into my head. Yeah! I always wanted to have a machine hooked into my head to take me anywhere I want in virtual reality. Somewhere I could do whatever I wanted. SAO was the thing I could have some fun starting my anime journey!


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