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I can not believe I managed to watch another 5 episodes of the Sword Art Online! It's like I watch one episode and I want to write so much about it but I can not resist to go on and watch another. So I lose the details of what I was going to write. You won't believe why I am writing now? Because if I go further, I won't remember the details, and the only way I could get to watch more episodes, is to force myself to write here first. Just like a homework. But a homework that you enjoy doing and at the same time you can't wait to finish and be free and do your hobby (for me now to watch more episodes).

Anyway, these 5 episodes was all about Kirito and Asuna to get closer through the events in the series. There was another girl, Lisbeth, a black smith, which happens to like Kirito as well. I do not know why in hell all these girls first hate the guy and then get attached to him. Lisbeth later notices the connection between Kirito and Asuna, so she let it go. I am sure I'm gonna see her more often as she is now committed to give the best service she can as a blacksmith to Kirito.

Are Japanese men so much into food for choosing their GF or wife? Well it seems like a tradition which we happen to see in eastern movies too. As Kirito gets to like Asuna by her tasty food that she cooks herself and offers to Kirito. She is mastered to the highest level in cooking! Yeah no kidding, there are suck skills in the anime. Talk about a SUPER virtual reality game.

As Asuna tries to leave her guild and join Kirito (It appears the friend request Asuan sent to Kirito in previous episodes was actually a guild request) her bodyguard from her previous guild tries to follow and shadow Asuna. She asks Kirito for help and he easily beat Kuradeel (the body guard) in a duel. So he leaves but as soon as I saw this guy, I thought he was gonna come back and do something ugly. Just look at his face, it tells the whole story.


Later on Kirito and Asuna team up and face a very strong boss. The battle was very dramatic and Kirito defeated the boss with a special tactic. He kinda saved Asuna in the battle. Continuing to the end of the episode, Heathcliff, leader of the previous  Asuna's guild, "Knights of the Blood ". I personally taught he is gonna win and earn Asuna's heart but sadly he lost the duel. He almost wont the battle though, you just need to see it that on Heathcliff face when he evaded the final attack from Kirito.

kirito vs Heathcliff

I hate it when my predictions come true, it makes me think a movie or serial is on a cliche plan. As I said, Kirito now had to be part of the Knights of the Blood guild. On his first mission he had to do a dungeon with Kuradeel. He managed to poison him and attempted killing Kirito. 

Kuradeel killing Kirito

Asuna arrives, saving Kirito and in return Kirito kills Kuradeel. It was very emotional and they had their first kiss! yoohoo. But man come on! on the same episode Kirito proposes for marriage and living together in another floor. That was fast! way too fast !

What was the fun part in these 5 episodes? The final part when Kirito asks to sleep in Asuna home, and she thought he is gonna after s.e.x . She gets undressed right in front of Kirito, he was like WTF! 

Kirito Asuna


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