Please note we have different materials to print anime pillow designs on the case. Each, has its specifications. So please choose the one that suits you well.


Peachskin is a super-quality polyester fabric with a beautiful drape. This fabric features a microbrushed face, giving the fabric a butter soft-hand, similar to that of a peach! This material also has a light stretch. If it is your first purchase, it is highly recommended. Print quality is high on this material.


Velvet is a type of woven tufted fabric in which the cut threads are evenly distributed, with a short dense pile, giving it a distinctive feel. It feels very nice and warm. Print details are shown good but less than other materials. If you want that cozy feeling when you touch it, this material is recommended.


2Way is a high quality mix material with high flexibility, softness and durability. The print quality is high but not as good as Peachskin or Upgraded 2Way material. However, it's softness and thickness is higher than Peachskin material.

Upgraded 2Way:

This is the highest quality, print and softness and durability you could get for your pillow case. Many factories offer the maximum quality at the usual 2Way. But we offer you this high quality material with very good price.

The 2WAY fabric produced is very soft, smooth, wrinkle free and elastic in nature. It is for this reason that tricot is often used in the manufacture of lingerie items. 2WAY is widely regarded as the best dakimakura fabric there is, because of its texture, durability and feel. It is an extremely soft fabric and is therefore a preferred hugging companion.



As the product is printed, please use cold water to wash your printed materials to preserve the colors. 

Do not use special chemicals for whitening clothes.

Soak your case or covers in cold water which is mixed with detergent and gently wash them.

Let is stay soaked for 15 minutes. Then wash away detergent by cold water.

Hang it on a suitable place to get dry.

Do not hand them in direct contact with very strong sun light.


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